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Join the FBU - The best option for you!


The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) is by far the biggest and most effective professional union within the Fire Service. We represent more than 9 out of 10 uniformed staff from the newest trainees to the most senior officers.


We are the only organisation which brings together all the professionals who make the Fire and Rescue Service the high performing, highly regarded public service it is. We unite all duty systems, and all Fire Fighters - whether Officers, Wholetime, Retained or Fire Fighter (Control).


The FBU is still the ONLY union that has a seat on the National Joint Council representing fire fighters. This is the ONLY arena where

YOUR PAY and CONDITIONS of Service are negotiated.

Value For Money


FBU subscriptions enable our union and it's Officials to operate high profile and effective campaigns to protect and promote our members interests at Local, Regional and National levels.


You will receive all of these benefits including the Accident Injury Fund for £27.21 a month if you're Wholetime and £11.70 a month if you're Retained.


If you choose not to be a member of the Accident Injury Fund this will reduce to £23.87 if you're Wholetime and £8.36 if you're Retained.


10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Member



1) For A Strong Voice

The FBU represents the majority of Wholetime, Retained and Control staff employed in the UK Fire and Rescue Service. Joining the FBU is about standing up for one another. On your own you have very little power to influence decisions made by Principal Management. Uniting with your colleagues means you can make a difference.


2) To improve conditions at work.

The FBU enables workers to organise around key issues which will improve our lives in the workplace. We are the only effective voice in the Fire and Rescue Service fighting cuts to frontline services which affect workers from ALL DUTY SYSTEMS.


3) To fight for better pay and conditions.

Our terms and conditions were never just handed to us. The FBU is the only trade union within the Fire and Rescue Service that has campaigned and negotiated hard to get the best deal for our members. Today we are constantly fighting to protect these conditions, but also pushing for improvements where our members think they can be made.


4) To provide the best possible service for the communuties we serve.

A first class Fire Service needs dedicated staff and resources to be able to perform our role to the best of our ability. Stand with us to protect the service we provide.


5) To get the respect we deserve.

No member should have to accept abuse, threats, or physical assult as part of the job. Together we can stand up and protect each other.


6) For advice and support in the workplace.

Your employer may intend to be fair and responsible, but sometimes problems do arise. This is where advice and support from your fully trained FBU Officials can pay off.


7) To end discrimination and prejudice in the workplace.

We actively encourage and support members in under represented groups to play a full and active part in the FBU. We were the only union (even though other unions claim to represent Retained) to campaign against discrimination faced by Retained Firefighters, a case which we won in 2008 after an 8 year legal battle and we are still working hard to implement all elements.


8) You have the opportunity to elect your representatives.

Unlike other employee organisations within the Fire and Rescue Service, the FBU hold strong democratic union values and all our officials are elected from General Secretary to Branch Representative. You can choose who represents your interests best, and at Annual Conference, all FBU policies are democratically decided by your delegates allowing you to have a voice on the policy of your union.


9) It's unwise to wait.

Even the most self resiliant person can have an accident, fall ill, be disciplined or have a grievance. If you wait to join after the event we may not be able to help you.


10) Joining the FBU provides you with all the above benefits plus -

  • We are the only Trade Union in the Fire Service with Officials that are fully trained to TUC standards which ensures you receive the best advice possible.

  • If you suffer an accident at work or elsewhere, the FBU Accident and Injury Fund provides generous cash benefits on top of those WE have negotiated with the Fire and Rescue Service.

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Membership benefits


In addition to the reasons for joining the FBU above, as a member you are also entitled to:


  • 9 copies of Firefighter magazine per year delivered to your home. Firefighter presents news and features on issues affecting members throughout the service, as well as international reports, health and safety and legal advice and general features.


  • Special rates for home, travel and car insurance, up to 40% discount. Visit


  • Free legal services to protect you at work provided by Fire Service specialised lawyers.


  • Free legal services for you and your family for non work related injuries.


  • Free legal advice and conveyancing.


  • A free will service through Thompsons Solicitors.


  • Access to a £3m training scheme - Lifelong Learning - delivered to you in the workplace.


  • Cash benefits if you suffer an injury and are a member of the Accident Injury Fund.

Accident Injury Fund


The Accident Injury Fund (AIF) is run by Fire Fighters for Fire Fighters. It is not an insurance company, It is financed by members' contributions. It costs 0.14% of a Fire Fighter (competent) rate of pay, currently £3.29 a month.


Ordinary members who suffer an injury on or off-duty, or bereavement, may be eligible for benefits under the union’s Accident and Injury Fund.

The Union in recent years has handled in excess of £600,000 annually in claims by FBU members.


The "Death Benefit" lump sum which is the equivalent to a Wholetime Competent Fire Fighters annual salary, is payable upon the death of a member. It does not have to arise from an on duty injury. In addition to this, 20% of a Wholetime Fire Fighter (competent) rate will be payed for each dependant child.


An injury or illness that leads to permenant disablement entitles the member to 50% or a Fire Fighters (competent) annual salary paid in a lump sum.


In the event of long term illness or injury leading to suspension of your sick pay the member will be entitled to 25% of a Fire Fighters (competent) weekly rate of pay per week, for a period up to 52 weeks.


On the death of a wife or husband of a member, the person they are co-habiting with as a partner, their child aged under 18 in full time education or a dependant child with disabilities, a member will receive 20%  or a Fire Fighters (competent) annual salary in a lump sum. .