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Nottinghamshire FBU Officials



Steve Bull

07894 613403



Alan Coates

07894 613396


Brigade Organiser

Clare Hudson

07970 513999


Vice Chair

Sean McCallum

07955 841845


Assistant Secretary

Richard Jones

07813 885040


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Your FBU branch Reps


Mansfield Station- Mick Topping


Ashfield Station - Alex May


Edwinstowe - Richard Copson, Mark Staley


Worksop Station - Dave Spink


Retford Station - Nick Hardy


Tuxford Station - Phil Church


Newark Station- Paul Allen


Central Station - Grant Breed, Simon Fogwill


West Bridgford Station - Dick Barton


Stockhill Station - Iain Stewart


Arnold Station - Chris Grundy


Carlton Station - Richard Jones


Highfields Station - John Muggleton, Rob Eddy


HQ - Mark Millington


Comminuty Safety - Craig Langton


SDC - Martin Molloy

Your FBU Section Reps


Retained - Eoin Gubbins


Officers - John Mills, Phil Revill


Control- Gill Footitt,


Fairness at Work - Paul L. Smith


Womens - Leigh Curtis


LGBT - Carina Peel


B&EMM - Dalton Powell


Health and Safety - Neil Scaife


Education - Mick Chilton

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